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Database of Stock ROM (Flash File)


These are the list of Micromax Mobile devices for which we have shared the original Stock Firmware. You can use the Stock Firmware to re-install the OS on the device or fix any software-related issues.

Micromax A58

Micromax A57

Micromax A56

Micromax A99

Micromax A55

Micromax A54

Micromax A52

Micromax A51

Micromax A50

Micromax A47

Micromax A46

Micromax A45

Micromax A44

Micromax A40

Micromax A37B

Micromax A37

Micromax A36

Micromax A35

Micromax A34

Micromax A30

Micromax A28

Micromax A27

Micromax A26

Micromax A25

Micromax A24

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